shockwave simulation

Hi Oscar,
I am not sure why your piston was not moving, but it seemed that what you would like to do can be achieved with "fix wall/reflect" command. You might want to check that out.

You can also look at the commands in the SHOCK package, like fix wall/piston.


Hi Steve and Ray,

Im sure the piston is moving (since the computation box changed its
length) , I changed the boundady conditions to periodic in all
directions i.e p p p and then created a movie (please find it
attached) . The "piston" moves in the z-direction. I'm not sure what
would be the best boundary condition (periodic or shrink-wrapped ? )
if i use Shrink-wrapped along the diretion of the shock , then the
piston remains static , but the box readjust ....
Can you give me an advise in which boundary condition i should use ?

ps: Thanks alot for replying and your valuable suggestions ....

Oscar G.

shock.wmv (165 KB)

Hi Steve and Ray,

Please bear with me , I am trying to use wall/piston it will take me
some time to implement the script (~2 days). I will post the results
of my runs ....

Thank you ....

I don't think you want periodic boundaries when you
have a wall, either an ideal one or one made of atoms
like your piston.