Simulator models

I am trying out the Sim_LAMMPS_* family of simulator models and return “KIM ModelCreate failed” for each. I am running lammps-05Jun19 with openkim-2.0.2 and calling “pair_style kim Sim_LAMMPS_*”

Am I misunderstanding the usage for this type of model?


Hi Sam,

Thanks for your message! It is great to hear that you are exploring.

You are actually a little bit ahead of the curve! Although we have a number of "Simulator Models" listed on our website, we have not fully released support for their use. Currently they are only supported within the computing environment.

However, we are working very hard to get this all ready for release to the public this summer. Our goal is to have a kim-api-2.1.0 release followed shortly by a new stable release of LAMMPS, all with full support for the "Simulator Model" concept. There will also be some neat new features for how to use all KIM features within LAMMPS. These will all be officially announced as part of the LAMMPS workshop in August.



As always, thanks for the quick reply. Great to hear about the continuing plans!