Size of data that we can download using API

Dear Materials Project Team,
I am Anantha Sai working as a PGET in R&AE-Materials team at Renault Nissan Technology and Business Centre India Pvt. Ltd. As part of our expansion of research activities, we are exploring the computational screening of materials for the given application using Machine Learning Techniques. As an initial study, we are trying to replicate the results of the paper in the link:

In order to replicate the results, we will have to download data from your database using pymatgen. In your webpage it is mentioned that if we have to download large data using APIs, we have to contact you. Could you please clarify on how much data we can download using APIs and what sort of permissions are required to download?

Thank you.

Awaiting your reply,

Hi Ananthasai,

Our Terms of Use (TOS) have been updated to clarify that we permit legitimate collection and use of large amounts of our data (i.e. for analysis, not for redistribution). We also now provide a clear way for users to notify us so that we can monitor abuse while being aware of legitimate use. From the new TOS:

If you plan to download large datasets, email [email protected] with the email address associated with your account and with your use case so that we can avoid flagging your account as abusing the service. We may also suggest an efficient way for you to obtain the data you need.