Slight inconsistencies

Good day,

I am new to MD simulations and the LAMMPS package and so I am following the LAMMPS manual to learn more about how to use LAMMPS. I tried running one of the example input scripts (in.indent). It returns the log.lammps file but not the dump file which I would need to input into a visualization package.

I would appreciate any insight into what I might be doing wrong.

Thank you. Regards.

Please read in the manual about comments.

Dear justice, no one is going to check what is there in in.indent.

You need to tell more about your input script.

Hello Justice Iroegbu,

I have checked in.indent script. You should remember that, # symbol turns a line into a comment. So, the lines related to the dump file are commented out in the example script. Therefore, make sure to remove # symbols from the appropriate line.

Have a nice day,