Small bugs in KIM 1.8.1


While building the new KIM v1.8.1 I noticed some bugs/warnings:

During "make" I get some warnings about comparing "this" to "NULL" in KIM_API.cpp. This usage is usually either a bug or useless (see e.g. I couldn't figure out what the use case was from a quick glance at the relevant lines. It may just be harmless code that gets optimized away.

The Makefile created by "kim-api-build-config --makefile-kim-config" contains the line

ITEMS_LIST=$(shell find . -type d -depth 1 -not -name '.*')

This is not a valid "find" command for GNU find (at least):

* "-depth 1" is wrong: "-depth" takes no argument

* "-depth" comes after "-type", but should not

I get errors and warnings during make, but nothing bad seems to happen. Commenting out the line makes the messages go away, but otherwise seems to change nothing. Is this line needed? If yes, do you rely on non-portable "find" behavior? I'd be happy to test any fixes.

Thanks for your work on KIM,


Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the bug reports.

I've made fixes and pushed them to the "devel" branch. These will be included in the next bug fix release, but you can try them out from there if you want.