Solid boundary treatment for MDPD simulation

Dear Lammps users,

I am trying to simulate fluid flow in complex porous medium using MDPD.

In this stage, I could built the solid wall model containing fluids as shown in the figure.

However, with respect to the solid wall boundary condition, I am not sure which options would be valid for my model for the boundary condition which fluid particles cannot penetrates inside solid wall of the complex porous medium.

I have tried ‘fix wall/reflect’ for cylindrical model but I did not work effectively and even this model has non-uniform pore structure, making harder to set the appropriate boundary condition.

Thus, please give me your advice how to set the reflecting boundary condition for my research.




I suggest using your handy dandy search engine hitting the archives. There has been tons of talk of walls and what boundary conditions (as far as PDE’s are concerned) are in MD over the years - and in particular about what can and cannot be accomplished with wall reflect. Even starting with flow problems in the example directory should give you some clues.