Some problems when I add DPD-MESO pakage

Recently,When I try to add DPD-MESO pakage according to lammps manual.
cd /home1/xuehan/lammps-29Sep2021/src/DPD-MESO
make yes -DPD_MESO
As shown in figure:

but When I try to run in.test, it doesn’t work.Do you why?

This is not correct. there is an extra blank and that causes the error message you see because “make” sees two arguments “yes” and “-DPD_MESO” and the latter is responsible for the errors since there are no ‘-D’, ‘-P’, ‘-_’, ‘-M’, ‘-E’, or ‘-O’ options to the make command.

Please also note that “make yes-dpd_meso” is not sufficient to include the DPD_MESO package into your executable, you also need to recompile LAMMPS.

Before I add DPD-MESO pakage, I have compiled lammps.The following command was used
cd /home1/xuehan/lammps-29Sep2021/src
make yes-all
make no-lib
Just now,in src folder,I use the following command,it shows that DPD has been installed

but it didn’t work. I still cann’t use MDPD

Do I need to recompile lammps?
Thank you

Please re-read my previous reply.

I have solved the problem. Thank you