Spatial temperature profile

Dear LAMMPS users

I want to make spatial temperature profile to certain direction(z direction) for my simulation system.

To do this, at first, I set the z directional regions like bins with region command and set the dynamic groups of these and tried to compute temperatures.

However, it didn’t work because of too many groups error.

I edited the maximum number of group larger than 32 in group.cpp and tried again, but it didn’t work again.

Next, I used compute(temp/profile) command and fix(ave/spatial) command like as below,

compute mytemp all temp/profile 1 1 1 xyz 1 1 20
fix tempf all ave/spatial 100 1 1000 c_mytemp file temp.profile

but it didn’t work with illegal fix ave/spatial command.

How can I solve the problem to make temperature profile with compute and fix command?

kind regards,
Woo Cheol Jeon