SPH examples

please always copy the mailing list on your replies. thanks.

Hi Axel

have you looked in examples/USER/sph ?

in the last LAMMPS version (for windows at least) this directory doesn't
exist. This is why I asked.

you need to mention that you are referring to the windows version.
with windows things are *always* a bit different.
there are actually two windows versions and only the windows installer
version hosted at temple bundles additional files. the cygwin based
executable hosted at sandia is just the executable. for the windows
installer, i only bundle examples up to a certain size threshold and
based on the (perceived) popularity of the package. in any case, you
can always download the source distribution to get the full example

I downloaded a previous version and I found it, but I was wandering why it
has been removed

in general, please be aware that people here will always assume that
you are using the source distribution of LAMMPS unless you explicitly
state otherwise. it is considered best practice to always state the
LAMMPS version and platform it is been compiled with or run on when
making inquires.