Statistics about the growth of the Materials Project


I’m currently gathering statistics about the growth of materials data, both experimental and computational.

In this regard, would you happen to have statistics about the growth of the Materials Project data? I could not find this information in the website or in the related articles, but I could have easily missed it also. I’m thinking something like number of entries/structures/bytes per year. Or if this kind of information is available through the API (Do you keep the original calculation dates, or just the date of the most revised calculations?) can you point me how to retrieve it? I’m sure other people would be interested in these statistics as well.


Hi @laurih,

Sorry we missed your question earlier, welcome to the forum! We have this data available internally, I could provide a graph if it’d be helpful.

We do keep the original calculation dates but it’s not always obvious how to interpret these in the cases of “higher-order” properties such as elastic constants.



Hi @mkhorton,

Thanks for the response!

I would definitely be interested in this data, If it is not too much effort to provide it. If possible, I would prefer plain numbers for doing custom plotting.