Stress Calculation for 2D peridynamics model


I have a question about the calculation of stress for 2D peridynamics model using peri/LPS.

I am testing the model by running two simulations: one with the lps model in 2D (see attached input file 2D.lps) the other with the lps model in 3D. In both cases, it is exactly the same simulation: a two-dimensional and three-dimensional Rectangular shaped material undergoing compression along y-axis. The stress is calculated monitoring the total force on top layer divided by surface of the layer (3D) or by length (2D).

However, while the 3D model works fine and the simulation looks as expected, the 2D results shows value of stress double than 3D model.

Am I missing something or am I doing something wrong in the input files? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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2D.lps (2.17 KB)

You probably need a Peridynamics expert to comment. But in general
I assume Peridynamics is parameterized for 3d systems. I don’t think
there is a good reason that a 2d model should give the same results
as a 3d model, particularly for stress.


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Try John Foster at UT Austin.