structure cut after restart file

Maybe I don’t understand.

I made another example and I have the same error.

region nanowire prism 0.0 25.0 -1.267 25.0 -2.6137 2439.237 -8.772 0 0

group nw region nanowire
group vide subtract all nw

delete_atoms group vide

That means I created another nanofil with the dimensions for 8x8x80 and I tried to cut the others 20 % atoms.

I can’t really find the mistake.


The group and delete_atoms commands will
tell you how many atoms they operated on.
Using that info and a visualization and/or
staring at the dump file of the before/after results should tell
you everything there is to know.

No one else can figure out what your commands
did better than you.