Structure Predictor App Error

I’ve recently been reading the 2011 Inorg. Chem. paper “Data Mined Ionic Substitutions for the Discovery of New Compounds” by Hautier et al. and really like the concept and am impressed by the implementation into the MP Structure Predictor.

I was getting on quite well with it, but now for whatever ion composition I submit I eventually just get ‘Error’ as opposed to ‘Completed’ and there’s no way to get an elaboration on the nature of the error as far as I can tell. Any insight would be appreciated!

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Thanks for reporting this. It looks like part of our back-end configuration was changed/reset on May 6th-7th, causing structure prediction jobs to fail in a uniform way. We will fix the error shortly and update this topic once done.


The error was fixed and it looks like structure predictor jobs have been running smoothly for many days now. We’re glad you’ve found the service useful.

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