Structure predictor using Materials Project API

I wanted to know whether can I use the Materials Project API for working with the structure predictor app . I have complied pymatgen on my desktop and trying to get familiar with MPRester.

I have used the structure predictor app via web interface however I couldn’t find any option where I could download all the structure files (VASP and CIF) at once.

I thought API shall help me. Could you please guide me through this.

Near the top of your structure predictor results page, you should see buttons to download all the structure files (CIF or VASP) at once:


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Thanks Donny

I would also like to know about how to run the structure predictor using pymatgen

I am going through the code in and which are located
in the structure_prediction folder which I got by downloading the pymatgen github folder

Is there a tutorial which I can refer for this?