Suggestion for adding a new fix command

Hi everyone and LAMMPS developer,

I want to add a fix to do some new function. What I want to do is like this:

There is a rod-like rigid body in my system. I want to identify other partices such as water around it within a Rcut.

I think it not only needs particles within neighbor-list, but also other particles not in the neighbor-list of the rod.

I want to obtain the ID of these particles, and add a force on them.

any suggestion is appreciated

Hi, Wende –

How could your realize the rod-like rigid body? By body particles or
fix rigid? My former approach to my research is partially related to
this but the more complex shape. And I tried the rigid body way.

Best regards,

Hi zjgbz

I used the fix rigid command. The body consisted of many beads. The advantange is that you can design any shapes you want.