Summary Data Error


I am trying to pull data from the summary search and getting an error. Previously, this code was working fine. Here is my code:

with MPRester(api_key=“OU5tShtk9i0A5wQHhAl7t2wOPnFKKdbb”) as mpr:
docs =[“nsites”, “composition”, “volume”, “symmetry”, “formula_pretty”, “material_id”, “last_updated”,
“structure”, “uncorrected_energy_per_atom”, “energy_per_atom”, “formation_energy_per_atom”, “is_stable”, “theoretical”, “deprecated”, “deprecation_reasons”])
#list_of_available_fields = mpr.summary.available_fields

Here is the error:
MPRestError: REST query returned with error status code 404 on URL with message:
Response {“message”:“no Route matched with those values”}

Upgrade to the latest version of mp_api

Thanks. I thought I had done this but apparently I had not.

Hi Patrick,
This is a bit of another question. I have read a lot of your papers about the R2SCAN data and I am very excited about it. I saw that it is now the default for the themodynamic data. That means with the api summary search it is automatically pulling the R2SCAN data for the formation energy per atom or do I have to use the thermo tag to pull the data?

@casfrueh you should pull from the thermo endpoint. Summary is being updated to show the r2SCAN data now, and will be completely up to date in the next data release.

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