sutton chen


Hi everybody

I read in one of the messages that is sent in 2012 that sutton chen
potential doesn’t exist in lammps, is there any possibility for this
potential to be added in new version?

You have to make a stronger case to motivate this addition unless you
do it yourself. As far as I know the sutton-chem potential is as old
as eam or Finnis-Sinclair.

I can’t get results within desired
accuracy with eam potential

The above statement is useless as you mention nothing about the
material/properties you are trying to simulate.

and I don’t know how much can I trust the eam
data files obtained from the internet or how much they are suitable for my
code so

Again, if you don't mention which system you are trying to simulate
and which are the properties
that eam cannot get correctly (and sutton-chen does) people will
default to thinking that you have no idea what you are talking about
and/or your lit search has been quite poor.

I want to work with sutton chen potential since in some of papers,
it is said that it leads to good results. Is there any suggestion about how
to achieve this goal with lammps?

As a general rule if you can't do it yourself, when asking people to
do it for you FOR FREE, you have to find a way to motivate those
people. One way is to send a message where you tell everyone why is
this potential so great, and which are the properties that it can get
better and eam&Co and why this will be so beneficial for the lammps
community. Show that you've done your homework first the best way you


Looking at the functional form of Sutton-Chen

It looks like a subset of EAM, with an (a/r)^m density term a
c*sqrt(rho) embedding function and an (a/r)^n pair term.
Am I missing anything? If not then there is really nothing to
implement. I still second what Carlos said though.