tail offset in pair_born_coul_wolf & long

Dear lammps users,

I could be overlooking something, but it seems to me as if there is
a bug in the tail correction (energy offset) in pair_born_coul_wolf
and pair_born_coul_long

Line 286 in pair_born_coul_long and line 305 in pair_born_coul_wolf
give the following:

if (offset_flag) {
    double rexp = exp(-cut_lj[i][j]*rhoinv[i][j]);
    offset[i][j] = a[i][j]*rexp - c[i][j]/pow(cut_lj[i][j],6.0) +
  } else offset[i][j] = 0.0;

The rexp looks a little suspicious to me. In line 146 of
pair_born_coul_wolf and in line 141 of pair_born_coul_long
this is given as:

rexp = exp((sigma[itype][jtype]-r)*rhoinv[itype][jtype]);

Shouldn't the rexp in the offset be as below?

rexp = exp((sigma[itype][jtype]-cut_lj[i][j])*rhoinv[itype][jtype]);

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

yes, you're right. The rexp should be as in pair_born.cpp.
Not sure how the sigma term got dropped accidentally
in those 2 pair styles, since it should have a been a cut/paste.

Will post a patch today ...