temper command mutliple fix-IDs fix rigid/nvt


I am using version lammps-28Oct12 and I am trying to update an existing script
to perform replica exchange using the temper command.

I have two fixes defined:
fix myfix_1 cores rigid/nvt molecule temp \{T\} {T} \{Tdamp\} fix myfix\_2 shells nvt temp {T} \{T\} {Tdamp}

1) Is it possible to use the temper command with fix/rigid nvt?
(in the manual says possible fix styles: nvt, temp/berendsen, langevin and temp/rescale,
but I really hope that fix/rigid nvt is not impossible)

2) Is it possible to apply (somehow) the temper command to both fixes?
Something like:
temper 3000 100 $T myfix_1 7524 53257
temper 3000 100 $T myfix_2 2435 32459
(although this would perform two separate runs for the different fix-ids)


no to both Qs. The temper command would have to
be extended to work with rigid/nvt and two thermostats. For the 2nd Q,
you want
one temper command, working with 2 temperature controls,
not 2 temper commands.