The error of fix pour with pour molecular

Dear all,

I using the command of "fix ins all pour 500 0 4767548 vol 0.8 10 region slab mol dimer_CO " for add 500 H2, but it create an error of "fix pour requires atom attributes raduius, rmass", I check a lot, still unknow why.
all the file is attached.
Thanks in advance!

param.qeq (96 Bytes)

data.VOH (4.05 KB)

ffield.reax.V_O_C_H (13.2 KB)

in.VOH (575 Bytes)

Atom_style charge (which you using) is for point
particles, which have no finite radius. Fix pour is
for finite-size particles, e.g. granular models. See
an example of how it is used in examples/pour.