themerature distribution in spce water

please always copy the mailing list on your replies. don't reply only
to individual people.

I know, but for temperature of water, is the formula I used correct?

if you know, why do you keep asking?

this is *exactly* what i am talking about. this is the kind of
question you *should* not ask. doesn't it bother you to demonstrate to
everybody on this mailing list, that you either are so rude that you
have no respect for the people give advice or that you are so inept,
that you have to keep asking the same question, even after you were
advised to find it out for yourself? there are *many* ways to verify,
whether your formula is correct or not. asking a random person on the
internet is about the worst, because this way you have an answer, but
cannot know its credibility? what if i am a person that likes to play
practical jokes on people and give you the wrong answer? or what if i
misread your formula?

I mean, does the temperature of a three atomic molecule like water computes
as the temperature of argon?

depends on how you simulate the water. in any case, this is not at all
a LAMMPS question, but a question about basic MD and thus better
discussed with your adviser or in a forum about learning basic MD