themerature distribution in spce water

Dear Prof. Axel,
Thanks for your kind help for all people.
I have noticed your following mention many times.

not just me, but almost anybody that volunteers time to help people
(even if you sometimes have to help them by not helping them). the
purpose is to have the complete discussion recorded in the mailing
list archives, so somebody else can look it up later.

please always copy the mailing list on your replies. don't reply only
to individual people.

I notice that some mail-list system (e.g. cfour) automatically reply to the
mail-list system.
Maybe the lammps-mail-list system has been set to automatically reply
to individual not to mail-list.
So the best solution is to change this option (maybe is sender) for the
mail-list system.

no. the *best* solution is to simply use the "reply-all" instead of
"reply to sender" of your mail program (or web interface). most mail
programs even have an option to make this the default choice.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to set this option for the mail-list system.

and it should not be necessary. i don't manage the list either, but
i'll be meeting steve in a bit over a week for the LAMMPS workshop and
symposium at ICTP and we can see together, if the sourceforge mailing
list management interface has such an option and if yes, we can try
enabling it.