themerature distribution in spce water

again, please copy the mailing list on your replies. is it so
difficult to use "reply-to all" instead of "reply"?

Maybe you are drunk or Inherently fool or something like that. "there are
*many* ways..."??? really?

yes. you can look it up in a text book that explicitly deals with MD
or molecular liquids, you can ask your adviser or your colleagues (who
definitely should be bothered before others with such trivial
matters), you can take an existing input that contains water and
insert your formula, you can write a simpler input that only contains
water and compare against LAMMPS' temp compute, and so on...

is that not "many"?

its the best idea to ask for help from the big community of lammps users. these guys are not just a random person in the
net, if they were, there was not tens of thousands of messages in thousands of threads in lammps mailing list.
Wisdom is acquirable, I think you should try sometimes to learn how not to be rude and impolite and how to talk to peoples.

but have you considered the fact that the "big community" prefers to
talk about *real* problems, and not just waiting do somebody else's
homework (which clearly is the case in your case). what would you tell
me, if i would ask you "i do 2+2 and am getting 5, can you tell me
what is wrong?"
there are many people that consider *your* attitude rather rude and
impolite. perhaps you should spend some time reading about how to
interact with online communities and their "rude and unsocial" ways,
e.g. here

i am answering questions on various mailing lists for a long time and
have asked a few myself. in retrospect, it is quite amusing to see who
is being offended and who isn't. i have learned to adhere to dr.
seuss's "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind
don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

in short, if this still offends you (and it may well do), don't worry.
i won't bother you anymore with any offensive or rude replies and rest
assured that i didn't and won't take offense either.