There is a discrepancy between Readme and logfile output in VISCOSITY folder

Hi lammps-users
I read the examples to calculate the viscosity of in VISCOSITY folder. In the readme, it is written that for the input in.wall.2d the viscosity is eta = 0.946 = running average output as last log file column. How this value is abtained?

In the script, those two commands are used
fix vave all ave/time 1000 1 1000 v_visc ave running file avetime.profile
thermo_style custom step temp pxy v_visc f_vave

I think those two commands mean that the last value of the last column in the log file should be the running average which is 1.0479176. Why there is a discrepancy between Readme and logfile ?

Fan Li

Probably b/c the README was written a few years ago,

and small changes in LAMMPS mean the output of a long

run is statistically the same, but numerically different.