Thermal Conductivity - Green-kubo Argon Example


I’m trying to calculate the thermal conductivity of a material that I’m modeling and found within the documentation an example using a green-kubo method for Argon. I decided to test the script to see how it is working and noticed that the resulting value for thermal conductivity at room temperature (25 C) is incorrect. The only thing that I have changed from the example script was the temperature from 70 K to 298.15 K. The average value resulting in the simulation is 0.306 W/mK when the reported value for Ar at that temperature is about 0.016 W/mK; this about 19 times the value of what it should be. I’m not expecting it to be exactly the same, but this is an unreasonable result. Am I not understanding something about how this works or what the result of the average conductivity represents?