Thermo_style output not printed in log file

Dear LAMMPS users,

I am simulating an inorganic material using lammps. Simulation was running fine but from past few days, i saw that thermo_style command which contain parameters like “time cpu temp pe ke etotal press vol” or whatever our requirement is, are not printed in the log file while running on HPC cluster. Don’t know what is causing this strange problem now?

Please always report which LAMMPS version you are using.

Does you calculation complete successfully or does it abort with an error? Are you looking at the log file while the job is still running? Is the data available after the job has completed?

Output is generally buffered, so the buffer may not have been committed to disk when the job terminates. This can be further complicated by using a networked file system, where data on the file server may not been synchronized yet between the compute node where the job is running and the login node where you are looking at it.

This all is not strange, but normal for the environment.

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Dear Axel,

I am using the latest version of LAMMPS " lammps-23Jun2022". The job is running fine, without any error. I am looking at the log file when the job is running as well as after the job is finished, yet the data is not printed (thermo_style). I am not facing this issue while running on my local machine.

Is their anything i could do to address this problem?

When looking at the file during the run, it may be empty due to the buffering and networked file system issues I mentioned. At the end of the jobs, the file should be complete. otherwise something is not working correctly (even if the simulation completes, there may be an error in your job script or further down in the input).