Thermostat is not working!

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for your helpful comments. That problem is now solve.
I have updated my input and data files trying to run MD for simulation of fluid CO2 molecules inside a rigid adsorbent structure in order to calculate diffusivity of the fluid.
In order to keep the Temp constant, I have tried both Noose-Hoover and Berendsen thermostats, however the temperature is always very low and not even increasing to some extent!
So, wondering if you have any comment on how to get the thermostat working properly?
Here is my input file:

I think your problem comes from the fact that you are applying the
thermostat only to the CO2 system but then you are outputting the
temperature with a compute that includes your rigid adsorbent. If the
rigid adsorbent has a lot of atoms the computed temperature using the
full system will always be much smaller than the one of the CO2
system. This explanation at least is consistent with your observation
that the temperature remains stable but very low.