Timer timeout command in lammps


I have used the timer timeout command in the lammps input as :

timer timeout 94:00:00

However, in the log file of lammps I see:

New timer settings: style=normal mode=nosync timeout=22:00:00.
So, it’s basically 94 hours modulo 24 hours.

The screenshot from the simulation is attached here.
I am using the first update of 23rd June, 2022 stable version of lammps.

Is this supposed to work this way ?
Or am I misunderstanding this.


Yes and no. The parsing of the time has worked correctly, but there is an output format error.
This will be corrected in a future LAMMPS release.

Many Thanks, Axel !

Indeed, I did a mock run to see that the timer works well, and is just an issue with the display.