timestep & EDL

and another question is

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I am modelling graphite using airebo potential. As you know graphite has a
thermal conductivity parameter and my question is in order to model the k
(thermal conductivity) correctly, is timestep affect the k? if so, according
to what, should I choose the timestep?

what makes you think that the length of the time step would affect
(ballistic) thermal conductivity?

and another question is I want to know whether LAMMPS is able to simulate
electroosmotic flow or not? how about Electric Double Layer(EDL)?

i think you are asking the wrong question. yes, in principle both is possible,
but whether it would work for the specific kind of problem that you may have
in mind, is impossible to say. what can be done in LAMMPS is restricted by
having sufficiently accurate potentials and by having sufficient computer
power available (and the knowledge how to use it well).