To define a movable region in a Moving indenter

Hello all

I am carrying out a scratching process in which spherical diamond indenter is moved over copper metal atoms. Now I want to calculate some properties on the edge of the indenter. For that i need to define a region on the indenter nose which should move with the indenter to calculate the properties at each step.
how to make a region/group move with speed equal to that of indenter?


To move with a speed equal to that of the indenter, you can define an equal variable which can be used as the moving speed of both regions.
Did you find any problem with this method?

I don’t think you need to use a mobile region (or dynamic group) to achieve what you’re looking for.
A much simpler approach would be to define a region for the section of the indenter that you are interested in and then use this to define a static group before sliding begins. This way the indenter atoms of interest will remain in the same group during sliding for you to calculate the properties that you are interested in.

I suggest you have a closer look at the ‘region’ and ‘group’ commands in the LAMMPS manual.



Thank you James,

I think I have to just define the region in the indenter and then group the atoms in that region with group command so that the defined group of atoms will remain stick to the indenter although, it would have moved out of the defined region in the indenter, when the sliding starts.