Trouble with write_data command

The write_data command is fairly new. It sounds like you might be using a version of Lammps which doesn’t have it yet. What version are you using?

Niall Jackson
PhD Student, Bresme Group (Chemical Physics Section)
Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London

I have the most recent version. It was just recently re-compiled on the 24th of April!

24 april version must work…
it may be incorrect compilation or corrupt/missing source files. Have you see a correct lammps version in log beginning?

P.S. last version is 14 may. (your input work for me)

22.05.2013, 12:16, “Nathaniel Burbery” <nbur049@…4087…>:

Is it possibly an issue with the openmpi version?

Or are additional libraries necessary?


No and no. The write_data command is part of the lammps core code and has no dependencies. Axel.

Can you try to run this in the 14th May version, Nathaniel?

I had the very same problem. A

make clean-all
make machine

solved it for me. For some reason teh build system did not put the
write_data.h in the style_command.h file.