Try LAMMPS on Rescale - get 100 free compute hours

Dear users,

At Rescale ( we have developed a cloud simulation
platform to run any type of simulation workflow on-demand. We
specifically focus on highly scalable implementations of compute
intensive simulation codes along with applied math tools to set up
designs of experiment or optimization loops as part of a workflow.

Our primary user base is currently in computational fluid dynamics and
finite element analysis, but we are now expanding to molecular
dynamics codes. We have just added LAMMPS to our simulation library
and are looking for any feedback on the type of applications that you
would like to run, and overall usability of our platform for molecular

We would really appreciate your help and would be happy to provide any
user with 100 free simulation dyno hours to help beta test the LAMMPS
code capabilities on our platform.

You can sign up directly on our website (, and/or
contact me directly ([email protected]...) to get your account set up for
beta testing and get 100 free hours credited to your account.


Joris Poort
[email protected]...