TTM/mod with processor workload split like in TTM/grid

Good morning,
I am working on a laser melting/ablation simulation of core-shell nanoparticles, and have a model that requires an electron temperature input file with many points (to approximate the shape of a sphere). Using fix TTM or fix TTM/mod does not allow the grid size I would like to use as the resolution is too low, so TTM/grid is appropriate as it splits the workload among the processors. However, due to the laser heat source I need to use ttm/mod. Is there a way to use TTM/mod and still be able to split it among multiple processors like in TTM/grid? Thanks!

No. You would need to program a /grid version of fix ttm/mod in C++.

Is this difficult to do?

I don’t know your C++ programming skills and - more importantly - your skills to read and understand code that was written by others and follows certain conventions and patterns from just the source code and comments within. It is certainly non-trivial because you need to “learn” how LAMMPS works on a lower level. It is not quite as difficult as it used to be, since we have started providing more specific information and documentation in the “Programmer Guide” section of the manual.

You would not start from scratch because you can do a 3-way comparison of the three ttm fixes and generated the fourth from those.