Two potential errors in the documentation

Hi, I have found two potential errors in the documentation.

(1) in the doc of pair_style buck6d/coul/gauss/dsf and /long (pair_style buck6d/coul/gauss/dsf command — LAMMPS documentation) the energy of dispersion damped Buckingham potential reads
However, in the cited paper (Schmid) the vdW energy reads (formula 3 in that paper)
It seems that the damping term should be [1+Dr^(-14)]^-1 (-14 instead of 14). If I understand it correctly, the damping term is introduced to avoid the energy going to -∞ when r → 0, so r^(-14) would make sense.

(2) in the pair_style colloid page (pair_style colloid command — LAMMPS documentation) there is a paragraph saying

When used in combination with pair_style yukawa/colloid, the two terms become the so-called DLVO potential …

The link should points to pair_style yukawa/colloid command — LAMMPS documentation instead.

Thanks in advance for the efforts in maintaining the documentation!

You should contact the authors of the MOFF package about this and ask them to clarify or submit a correction, if needed.

Thanks, this will be fixed in the next feature release of LAMMPS.