Typo or mistake in "pair_style sph/taitwater/morris command " documentation page

Hi Everyone,

I am just starting to work with Lammps to be used in SPH simulations so I am at that initial stage of reading all possible sources available. Checking the documentation webpage of the pair_style command for the sph/taitwater/morris (https://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/pair_sph_taitwater_morris.html) I see that one of the coefficients to be defined for each pair of atoms types via the pair_coeff command is the dynamic viscosity.

However, in the documentation the units of this dynamic viscosity are stated as [ M ][ L ][ T^-1 ], but units of dynamic viscosity should be [ M ][ L^-1 ][ T^-1 ].

Is this a typo or mistake? or This is something like a numerical equivalent viscosity required for this model? In the original paper there is not mention to any artificial viscosity. In any case, if the units are correct in the documentation website, this is not really a viscosity. Could someone please give me some light?

Dr. Carlos Duque-Daza
School of Chemical Engineering
University of Birmingham

This is a question to best ask the developer of this pair style. Name and e-mail should be in the source or in the README file of the corresponding package (or perhaps even in the description of the package in the manual).