Unable to find reax parameter


I am trying to find all parameters involved in the Valence angle energy equation in ffield.reax.cho. I am using the supplemental information from the manuscript:




which show the ffield file and the functional forms of the energy terms, respectively. I am having trouble finding the parameter “p_{val6}” in equation 13c. This parameter is not identified ffield.reax.cho in the LAMMPS package, or in the corresponding ffield file in supplemental information for the paper. I am also having trouble finding it in “reaxc_ffield.cpp” (3Mar20), where the force field parameters are read into memory in LAMMPS. Has the name of this parameter been changed?

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CCing Aidan and Metin who may be able to help.


Sorry about the slow response.

p_val6 (along with other valence angle related parameters) are still there in the reaxc_valence_angles.cpp file.


Here is the direct link for your convenience: https://github.com/lammps/lammps/blob/7d46aa6185051c2d193d0d53a648f0d19d34d1ae/src/USER-REAXC/reaxc_valence_angles.cpp#L119

This means p_val6 is part of the global parameters block, and it is the 14th among them (with 0-based indexing).

I think the issue is that they have marked it as p_val7 in the SI file of their manuscript for some reason. I double checked and the global parameters block (which this parameter belongs to) in newer force field fields gives more explanatory remarks rather than giving the parameter name.

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​Much appreciated prof Aktulga.

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