Unable to implement coul/debye potential

Hello all,

I have been trying to implement the electrostatic debye interaction using the coul/debye pair_style. I have followed all the instructions in the documentation and I am using the latest version of lammps(29 Sep 2021) with the following params file:

However I am unable to incorporate this pair_style with the following error message.

Is anything else I am missing out here? I would also like to clarify that I tried the same pair_style on its own without hybird/overlay and it still wouldn’t work?

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Your pair_coeff command is incorrect. See an example here: pair_style coul/cut command — LAMMPS documentation

I have followed the documentation and used the exact same values. Could you please point out to what I am specifically missing out?

pair_coeff commands accept one parameter (cutoff) at most.

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You are mixing up pair_style and pair_coeff commands.

Another issue with iinput is the use of a kspace style.

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Writing pair_style coul/debye with just one coefficient worked for me, thanks!

You’ve mentioned that pair_coeff commands only accept one parameter, however in the case of lj pair_style, the pair_coeffs enables for the setting of all the parameters. I was initially confused seeing different variable styles for different pair coeffs

Thanks for the clarifcation!

Different potentials require different arguments for pair_style and pair_coeff commands. You have to look those up in the documentation of the individual pair style. For coulomb styles you almost always want no pair_coeff settings but just use the global values.