Undefined reference to MPL_env2 various data types


I am just trying to run one of the pieces of example code included in
LAMMPS to make sure everything's running alright. I have been having
some issues with missing software packages. So far I have installed
FFTW 2.1.5, MPICH2, MPIR 2.3.1. I was wondering if there are any other
packages I should install on a fresh Ubuntu 11.04 running on a virtual
machine via VMware.

The current error is that there is an undefined reference to
MPL_env2int, MPL_env2str, MPL_env2bool in MPI_Init_Thread, is this a
problem with LAMMPS, or MPI? I tried reinstalling MPI following the
install directions in thier manual (first try was using ./configure,
make, make install)


~Nickhil Rokkam

This sounds like an MPI issue, not a LAMMPS issue.