units of pressure and velocity gradient

Dear All,
When I use the SLLOD equations of motion to evaluate the viscosity of ionic liquids, I get values that are about a hundred times higher than experimental values and values obtained from equilibrium Green-Kubo relations using Gromacs. Otherwise the qualitative functional dependence of the viscosity on the shear rate seems to be reasonable. Therefore, I wonder whether I use the wrong units for the pressure or the velocity gradient. I use the option "units real" where the pressure unit is atmospheres and the time unit is femtoseconds, so that the unit of the velocity gradient ought to be 1/femtoseconds. The results would be much more reasonable if the pressure unit was kPa.

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Sten Sarman

You are correct that pressure is in atm and time is in fs. There must be something in your simulation or in your script that is causing the discrepancy.