unknown compute style in spite of installing package ...

Dear all,

I downloaded the latest stable version of lammps (17Nov2016) and was checking out the USER-SMD package. I did a make package-USER-SMD, went to the lib/smd directory and created the link to the required Eigen libraries. I compiled lammps with a “make g++” command and go an executable lmp_g++.

I copied this into the “examples/USER/smd/aluminum_strip_pull” directory and did a run as follows:

mpirun -np 2 ./lmp_g++ < aluminum_strip_pull.lmp

I get the following error:
ERROR: Unknown compute style (…/modify.cpp:997)

This was unexpected since I have compiled lammps with the package USER-SMD. It did not give me an error with the “pair_style smd/tlsph” command which precedes the compute “dt_atom all smd/tlsph_dt” command.

What could I be doing wrong?

Thank you for your time.

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A correction in my earlier mail below

i quick comparison of the example inputs with the names of the styles
installed by the package shows a small difference in naming
in the examples files you need to replace underscores with forward
slashes, as shown in the attached patch.


user-smd-examples-fix.diff.gz (1.33 KB)

Dear Axel,

That worked. Thanks a lot.

Best Regards