Unknown pair style eam/alloy (../force.cpp:246) error

Dear users,
I am not new to LAMMPS , I have been using LAMMPS in Virgo IBM cluster which runs well for my input files. But when I am running them in newly installed Centos cluster I am getting the following error:

Unknown pair style eam/alloy (…/force.cpp:246)

I have gone through mailing list archive, it did not help much. I have installed meam package by

cd $LAMMPSPATH/lib/meam
make -f Makefile.gfortran
make yes-meam

Then I did $ make mpi

So, what could be the possible mistake ??
There is no error in input files as it is running fine in local desktop.

Thank you all.

Best Regards,


IIT Madras, Chennai

Eam/alloy is part of the MANYBODY package.


Thanks a lot Ray Shan!!! Now I can sleep in peace tonight.