upcoming LAMMPS workshop

HI all - just calling your attention to a last-minute announcement about
the LAMMPS workshop, from the WWW site:

The 3rd LAMMPS workshop is now 2 weeks away (Aug 6-8), here in Albuquerque, NM. The program is set; see the Workshops link for details. This is an informal event, with no fees required. So if you’d still like to come, you can. We ask that you register, but that’s only for us to get a headcount. Even last minute walk-ins won’t be turned away and you can still register to bring a poster, display space permitting.

Also, if you have code features you sent us that
you’d like to see released before the workshop
(e.g. you’re giving a talk or poster about it),
please remind me. I’ve released several in the
last few days, but some may have fallen thru the cracks …