Update on the transition to new API

Hi all,

We are using pymatgen to access the Materials Project database through the legacy API, we read the announcement about the transition to a new API about a year ago and we have not found any update since.
What is the current status?
Is there already a date for the deprecation of the legacy API?
This page suggests the new API to “early adopters”, does this mean it is not yet recommended for general use?

Thanks for the awesome service and for any clarifications on the above :slight_smile:

Hi @pietrof,

Sorry for such a delayed response. We don’t currently have a firm deprecation date for the legacy API as of right now. That being said, we have frozen data releases for it. Therefore, if you would like the newest data from MP, you will have to use the new API. At this point, the new client is quite stable, and so most people should feel confident using it. There might be a few additional changes before the official release, but they should not be too disruptive to users.

– Jason

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