Urgent Help Required

ERROR: Illegal compute stress/atom command (…/compute_stress_atom.cpp:42)
This was the error which popped up when I tried to run the ‘nanowire’ input script given in one of EVOCD tutorials.

"compute 2 all stress/atom" ,This was the exact line at which the error popped up. Now after removing this line from the input script the following error was displayed on the screen. 

ERROR: Compute ID for compute reduce does not exist (…/compute_reduce.cpp:209)
And the corresponding command line was “compute 11 all reduce sum c_2[1]” . So kindly suggest me any external libraries or any other command line which I should install in order to resolve the above issues.

Thank You Very Much in advance !!

The input script is outdated – add a NULL at the end of the command. https://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/compute_stress_atom.html


Dear Sasanka,
You should add "NULL" to the your compute command as below: