Usage of Fix Pour, Deposit, Move, Displace_atom


I’ve been working with simulations relating to Silos for granular flows, and I’d like to use the Fix pour, Fix move, or Displace_ atom commands along with dynamic group command.

But I am unable to use them under dynamic conditions, as specified in Lammps manual.

So I would like to know is there any way I can accommodate the dynamic group setting with any of the above-mentioned fixes?

The goal is to have particles exiting the simulation domain/or entering a specific region of the domain reinserted from the top without the need for periodic boundary conditions, and also to have them enter from the top with a random seed rather than in a congested or cluttered manner as occurs when a periodic boundary is used.

Incase you need further clarification please let me know.

This typically requires changes to the source code. Sometime this is simply adding a flag that this fix is compatible with dynamic groups, but sometimes additional work is needed to update internal settings to accommodate that groups are changing during a run. The default setting for fixes that have not been checked is to not allow dynamic groups (there were too many cases of incompatibilities for the opposite default and there are too many fixes to have them all cleared manually).

Thanks @akohlmey