Use “fix heat” to simulation heat pulse


Dear all :

    I want to simulation a heat pulse in graphene devices.

  In order to make a heat pulse, I use the "fix heat" command.

      I want to know whether I can use the “fix heat” to simulation a
heat pulse.

what fix heat does is described in its documentation.

      And if I want to show my simulation to others, I need to explain the
heat is provided in a right way.

yes, which means, that *you* have to understand what happens, not just
copy what somebody else tells you.

  I have tried to search some papers which use the "fix heat" command, then
I can refer them to explain the simulation.

  But through viewing the "fix heat" command, searching keywords in google
and other ways,I have not find it. Could you
  prompt me some papers used the "fix heat" command?

i doubt you will find a direct mention of this command. you have to
look up simulations that have done similar things (your description of
"a heat pulse" is far too vague to make any specific suggestions), and
then figure out how the "heat pulse" was applied and then create the
same effect in LAMMPS.