user-cuda package compilation

User-cuda expects,

We are running Telsa M2070 which are Compute Capability 2.0.

One item of concern is the line in the “5.4 USER-CUDA package” documentation:

“Your NVIDIA GPU needs to support Compute Capability 1.3. This list may help you to find out the Compute Capability of your card:

Are we good? One would assume LAMMPS would support Compute Capability 1.3 OR higher.

The main issue is when compiling lammps-20Apr12 with USER-CUDA module I keep hitting the same error no matter what I try.

I’m able to build the standard packages without user-cuda just fine but I’m hitting a compilation problem with force.cpp when adding user-cuda.

Using mvapich_intel compiler with CUDA v4.0.17 and fftw v2.1.5

I have the liblammpscuda.a built and followed all the steps for building user-cuda package.

I’m out of ideas other than I compilation problem.

Christian can probably answer this.