Using local environment to define A and B species in ABX3 perovskite

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So I have this list of ABX3 perovskites (not only cubic) and I need to make a simple script that tells from the structure only which ion is A and which ion is B.

Example: CaTiO3 -> A = Ca and B = Ti because Ti is at the center of the octahedron(s))

At first, I simply used the coordination number because it will be always 6 for B… But there are some corner cases that A also has a cn = 6 such as this guy here

So I was wondering how I can fully make use of the structural analysis tools from pymatgen for this particular problem…

Is there a module that given a structure and a site outputs the local environment such as ‘octahedral’, ‘tetrahedral’, ‘triangular prism’, etc?

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If anyone is interested…
Had some trouble with the documentation of Chemenv, but this tutorial solves my problem :smile: