Using long long integers in LAMMPS


I need to use long long integers in my simulations. I changed the default -D setting from -“DLAMMPS_GZIP” to “-DLAMMPS_BIGBIG” and re-compiled LAMMPS ( after make clean). The compile step was successful, but the executable doesn’t work properly. I used one of my previous input scripts which works well with the default version of LAMMPS to test the newly compiled version. I receive the following error message at the very first steps of simulation using the new compiled file:

" ERROR: 64-bit atom IDs are not yet supported (lammps.cpp:375)"

Am I doing something wrong or missing something during compiling the code or the long long integers are not implemented in the code yet?
The version I use is the 4 Jul 2012 version.


I need to use long long integers in my simulations

Not sure what you mean by this. If you mean you need
them for atom IDs (presumably b/c you have more than 2B atoms
and are using molecular forces (e.g. bonds, andlges, etc), then
it isn't implemented yet, as the error message says).

If you mean something else, then what do you mean?