using more than one pair_style

Can I use more than one pair_style for different types of atoms?
For example: Can I use simulate a system with C and Fe atoms using AIREBO pair potential for C atoms and MEAM for Fe atoms in the same script?

If so, how should I write it in the Potential/Forcefield section?

you can combine different pair styles using pair style hybrid. please see the documentation for it.
there are some caveats, though. mixing different pair styles works well for some cases, and is very bad for others. typically, it works ok if each force field works on a part of the system, and there are few places, where those two parts interact. to make it work, you also need a third force field and suitable parameters, that describe the interactions between the two parts. while each part can be a manybody force field, the force field for inter-part interactions must be a pair-wise additive model like lennard-jones or morse.